Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The first days of March in London

Just a short post to show the weather conditions I saw in London last week.  Snow and rain since 1st to 5th of March.

In the aim to avoid cold weather, I spent about one hour visiting the Inner Temple Library. 😓 It's a private law library in London, serving barristers, judges, and students. In addition to legal materials, we can found there specialist Scottish and Commonweath collections.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed England. 😊 Although cancelled Tubes and trains is annoying, I think London's people felt this extreme weather so exciting. There were people taking pictures of the snow out of the windows, and boys throwing snowballs in the park for hours. I heard people's conversation about weather on the Tube, in shops.  With a sprinkle of snow the ugliest place of London looks nice.    

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Amy Crawshaw said...

Wow - so you got to be in London at a kind of exciting time! I love London but have never been there with snow - it must be lovely.