Saturday, November 05, 2016

Close to the cruise terminal

I haven't been blogging since October 3rd as I haven't been running as I should. I did a run this morning: less than  50 minutes on a cloudy morning because I don't like running on my own.
However  my last running session gave me the opportunity to enjoy that cloudy weather, as I ran past the  cruise terminal. I took a picture while I was running there. 
  Happy running/walking/cycling to everyone.


Amy Crawshaw said...

The ships look small under the clouds and from far away but I bet up close they are overwhelming!

Giorgio said...

I also think those ships are beautiful. Unfortunately, they can only sail through the western side of Mediterranean area at the moment ... its Eastern side isn't too safe because of war, terrorism, and refugees' desperate journeys.

B3yond Nutrition, LLC said...

Beautiful pictures. It's sad how you describe the east coast of Italy. I see pictures of the Syrian refugees looking to escape. I pray for Italy - and with the earthquakes, I pray for the families affected. I pray for peace.

Giorgio said...

To Half-Crazed Runner: thanks for your kind words about my country. As you mentioned, in addition to terrorism and refugees' desperate journeys, we also have to deal with the earthquakes. Unfortunately, Italy have had three strong earthquakes since 2008: three in seven years.