Monday, September 07, 2015

"Deep ruby" running shoes

Just a short post to share a picture of  the  new running shoes which I bought two days ago in Rome. As usual, I got a pair of Asics "Gel-kayano", and  it's the first time  that I get purple (or deep ruby) running shoes. I bought them from a specialized running shoe store, where I noticed that if I had bought the same running shoes through the internet I would have payed almost the same price. Obviously, the difference is that in a specialized store you can try the running shoes. In addition, you can get advices.
Do you usually buy your running shoes through the internet or at a specialized running shoe store?

Nice week to everyone!


Char said...

Red makes you run faster. You'll be flying along in those.

Black Knight said...

Faranno il loro debutto ufficiale sul campo di battaglia molto presto!

Johann said...

I like them! I never buy running shoes online. I always fit them and even fit multiple pairs and pick the best two shoes from that.

Fran said...

Nice color!

I buy my shoes online because I always buy the same brand (Brooks Adrenaline) in the same size and it's about 20 euro's or more cheaper if I buy them online.

B3yond Nutrition, LLC said...

Nice sneakers! Love the color. I do go to my local running store. I like switching up my sneaks - style and brand.

Steve Finnell said...


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Randy Weaver said...

These shoes are very nice. I currently have a pair of them. The color is different as I have also never had ruby red shoes, but I warmed up to the idea quickly. I feel as though these running shoes not only help me run better, but they also make me look like a true man.

Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale