Saturday, July 18, 2015

A running blogger from Chicago

This week has been a very busy week. I will be on Holiday since July 28th, that's why I have had no choice than working too hard. What I need most is a period of digital disconnection, and I love the idea of going on holiday without mobile phone (I mean the cellphone which I use for job). Consequently, after a crazy busy month at work, I soon realise how satisfying any vacation is when it is not interrupted by cellphone, whatApp or snapchat.  
On the running front, last Tuesday I had a great time in Rome, where I met Marcia, a blogger friend from Chigago. She visited Rome with her husband and her two adorable girls. Black Knight was there too. We walked a lot through old squares and past Rome's main landmarks. It seemed that they enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Marcia and her husband were really interested in Rome's history. They were very kind as they asked me to visit Chigago.
This afternoon I am going to run a 7k race in Santa Marinella (50 k North from Rome). The race starts at 8:30 pm, and  I really hope the weather will not be warm and humid in the evening.
I took the picture below in Santa Marinella last Wednesday, while I was in a nice place close to the sea. Unfortunately, I was there for job. 

The next picture shows how I'm getting carbohydrates before the race. It's spaghetti with clams, a typical Italian Summer dish.

Nice weekend to everyone!



Char said...

It was lovely that you and Stefano could spend time with Marcia and her family. How lovely for them to get a personal guided tour around Rome.

Amy Crawshaw said...

It's always fun when bloggers get to meet up in person, isn't it? Glad you all got the chance to do that in Rome!

Black Knight said...

A beautiful day with our blogger friends.
S. Marinella? Done!

Kenley said...

That is truly amazing to meet some one from that far of distance, and looks as though you all had a blast. Take care my friend.

Fran said...

How cool you met Marcia and were able to show her around.

I am still on vacation and I don't use my laptop as much as when I'm not on vacation. That's also why I am commenting so late.

ajh said...

I was so jealous of you two meeting Marcia and of Marcia getting to
Meet you two. It is wonderful!!