Monday, April 06, 2015

Cold wind on Easter Monday

Today is Easter Monday. And this morning the weather was colder than normal, so I had no choice but running with scarf and hat. I ran 50 minutes through a strong and cold wind ... although this is the second week of April, and we saw the beginning of Spring on March 21st.
The chart below shows the running path where I ran last week. I was delighted with my training as I did 12 km at 05.30 min./km pace.

I would like to post four pictures that I took today after I had run. We spent this cold and windy Easter Monday in the hills, here in Central Italy. The first one shows a very small stone house in the countryside.

An old farm house has been transformed into a restaurant. We had lunch there with other friends.
 The  picture below shows its old wooden ceiling.
After we had had lunch, we went walking through a village called Tuscania, about 100k North from Rome, where we visited the old church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Its rose window, also called wheel window in Gothic architecture, gives to the church a somewhat English character. Absolutely stunning! If you were to visit me I would be honoured to take you there. 
 Nice week to all my blogger friends!


Char said...

Such beautiful architecture. You're so lucky to have access to such lovely, historical buildings.

Fran said...

Beautiful photo's!

You look cold before your run, guess our weather was a little better Easter Monday.
Great time by the way.

ajh said...

I ran yesterday and I couldn't believe how cold it was. I had on multiple layers and I was still cold!

Black Knight said...

Hai visto che differenza di temperatura tra Pasqua ed oggi?
Ma la prima foto รจ una tomba etrusca?

HalfCrazed Runner said...

Great pics! I don't like running against the wind - glad it started to warm up finally!