Monday, September 01, 2014

The last three week of this Summer

Today, the first day of September, it seems that Summer is going to an end sharply: wind and rain. It's easy to see that climate change worsens, and the forecast through September doesn't promise much relief.  Maybe, we are still seeing possible problems due to Mediterranean climate change.

It's a real pity that many tourists, who have just reached my country, will not enjoy our beaches this month.


The picture on the left shows how was the sky above the street were I live. I took it after I had had breakfast  this morning, Monday, September 1st. I hope that these weather conditions will be good for running.
In addition to climate change, this summer  we, Italians, have experienced also  a disease affecting olive trees in Central Italy. The two pictures here on the left show a view of my mother's small farmland: we can see olive trees without olives! Unfortunately, in fall we will not make olive oil. And black figs aren't ready yet!
Happy running/walking/byking to all my blogger friends.


Johann said...

And we start our spring with a strong cold front that swept over the whole country leaving snow in many places. It's warming up again but 1 September was quite cold. I'm ready for spring and summer running!

Char said...

It's the second day of spring here and we're expected to have a really warm (for spring) day of 29C. Not happy! I'd prefer that we warm up gradually into summer rather than jump straight in with no warning.

Fran said...

Here in Holland we start September with some last Summer days: sunny and nice temperatures. But we deserve it because in August we had just 1 dry day all month and it was so cold.

Amy Crawshaw said...

We've had lovely weather all September, which is good for the kids starting back to school. I hope it's going to be nice weather in Italy next week as I'll be in Venice!

ajh said...

I have had a hard time being able to comment on your posts. Today when I came at it from my blog it is working.
We went from quite hot weather to very cold. We have had a wood fire for two days now. It is quite chilly on the bike.