Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter running outfit

I'm sorry for the delay in writing posts considering that I wrote my last post in January. However, I've been reading my running friends's blogs with their reflections, comments and opinions about running, healthy food, outdoor lifestyle and other topics. We, friends of our blogging community, do not need to be a journalist to write an interesting blog: reading your blogs gives me the chance to know thousands of new ideas, trends and places all around the world.
I notice you that since February 14th I've been having  connection problems with some websites, such as Amy, Black Knight and Char's blogs ... I don't know why! Anyway, if I didn't understand where the fault is I would communicate through emails soon.  
As you can see in the photo, I'm still running in the dark ... that's why I'm compelled to wear yellow running clothes :)
I will not bore you with the  uncertainty of Italian 2013 election and the  impact of its outcome on the euro currency.
Happy running to everyone!


Kenley said...

A good Blog Friend is like that of a real friend. You can be gone for ever, but be able to pick up the pieces right over again. I am a big fan of yellow. Looks mighty nice. I am in the "running in the dark" club too! Cheers! Looking great man!

ajh said...

I would love to be running in the dark because it would mean I was running! Right now I'm in the pool. Good to hear from you!!

Char said...

I was just watching on the news about your election. When the country has problems deciding like that it usually means that neither option was good. A little like Australia at our last election. I hope it all gets sorted out soon.

Black Knight said...

Ma le giornate stanno diventando sempre più lunghe e presto ci godremo le corse tra i campi colorati di primavera.
Nel frattempo ho un altro stop di 15 giorni dovuto alla rimozione di 2 brutti nei asportati chirurgicamente.
Passerà il periodo nero?

Fran said...

Glad to hear from you. I am so done with running in the dark right now. Can't wait till it's light again in the morning.

Elections didn't turn out so well as I heard on the news. Didn't follow it very well though.

Johann said...

Good to see everything is going well Giorgio. Our summer is slowly passing and my morning runs are getting darker and darker now.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Well said my friend.

martin briars said...

running in the dark is better than dancing in the dark !! i love running with mt frontal lamp in the forest at night - i never get enough chances to do this, but the winter is longer this year so i may have more chances.
keep on running girogio !