Saturday, November 03, 2012

Piancastagnaio and Abbadia San Salvatore

I am not running the Fiumicino Half Marathon which starts on November, 11st. Although I planned to run that race I couldn't follow a training schedule: since the second week of  October I've been busy for job and family issues and now, as a consequence,  I am not adequately trained for a 21 km race. I'll probably try to run a 10km Christmas race in December which will be held here in my town.
Yesterday I had a nice trip  in Tuscany where we visited old villages. From November, 2nd, the Chestnut Festival has been held in Piancastagnaio and, along its old streets, visitors have had chestnuts and glasses of warm red wine, cooked with cinnamon, orange, apples and cloves. The first photo shows one of the big pots where chestnuts are cooked.

An old square in the historical area 
We visited also Abbadia San Salvatore, which is another small village situated in South Tuscany. There are beautiful old streets,  medieval buildings and particular shops. In one of those shops  all kind of pumpkins are sold, as you can see in the photo below. Maybe those pumpkins hit the shelves because of Halloween holiday. 

Different kinds of pumpkins

That's  a picture  of my wife with a small bat on her head. She wore it with my daughters on October, 31st and it was just a joke :) Although we don't celebrate Halloween here in Italy, a lot of shopkeepers sell some items related to that great U.S. holiday and it  seems that children enjoy the event.  

While I was walking along those Tuscanian old streets  I observed a beautiful sacred image located between two windows.

And what about supper in Tuscany? It was soup of mushrooms! Really delicious!

Happy weekend to all my blogger friends!


Char said...

Tuscany is really beautiful. I love hearing about all your traditions. I've tried roasted chestnuts but wasn't a fan. The mushroom soup, though, looks really good.

ajh said...

I think I would prefer the roasted chestnuts to the mushroom soup. Thanks for the pictures.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Love the pics.
Smart decision on the race. Sometimes life gets in the way of training and racing, but we need to maintain balance for long term success.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - that soup looks awesome!

Fran said...

You know I love Italy and Tuscany in particular.

Looks like a fun trip.

Totally understand your decision for not running the half. I don't do races that I'm not properly prepared for either.

Kenley said...

Looks like you had an incredible time. Have fun with a possible 10k. nice purple bat!! lol

Christina said...

Wonderful pictures, as usual.

The mushroom soup looks wonderful. Usually here we have cream of mushroom soup so you wouldn't get full, beautiful mushrooms like what you get. I think I need to move to Italy.

Teamarcia said...

Gorgeous pictures! Its been too long since I've been to Tuscany, I need to return!

EmmyAnn Horstkamp said...

That mushroom soup looks yummy! I am sorry you were not able to run your race... seems to be that type of fall right? The bat! How funny that they sell those things in Italy and in purple more fashionable that the black ones.

Johann said...

Lovely pictures Giorgio! I always enjoy to see parts of your country. The running flag of friendship is still in France. I don't think Christina's friend is a blogger...not sure. I hope to read a post about it soon somewhere.

Johann said...
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Anne said...

How beautiful! My son, along with his wife and daughter will be visiting Italy and the Tuscany region in May! I'm sure they'll love it :) He used to speak perfect Ticino Italian when he was 6 years old...but now he's forgotten it all. He's hoping it'll come back when he's in Italy :)