Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eastern Monday

The photo posted shows the place where we spent Eastern Monday on April, 9th. That old farm has been transformed in a nice farm house resort and it is located 120 km North from Rome. In Italy, that style of vacationing is called "agriturismo" and this word is a  combination of the words for "agriculture" and "tourism" in Italian.
We stayed with friends and their children and we had a great time although the weather was windy.
Tomorrow I am running the Rome's Vivicittà 12 km race. It's a world–renowned Italian-founded race which takes place every year all over Europe and in other cities around the world. Its aim is to achieve integration between different cultures and peoples by using sport as an instrument of socialization.
Stefano and I are running that race as training. As I wrote on  Char's blog, where I've just left a comment, I still see a lot of chocolate in my house and I'm not losing weight :)
I hope you'll have a nice running, swimming and biking weekend!


ajh said...

I love the reason for the race. Good luck! Run like the wind.

Char said...

Good luck with tomorrow's race.

I have a solution for all that chocolate. You need to eat it all at once so it's not longer around. Your weight might go up for a little bit but it'll make its way back to normal soon enough.

Amy said...

Good luck on the race - I just wouldn't take Char's advice right before you run - LOL!

Breandán said...

good to see the easter went well for you Giorgio

Black Knight said...

A very good place to have lunch.
Now Vivicittà is story. We didn't take prisoners, we fought under the bridges, into the mud, across the water. A real legend!

Fran said...

Love agriturismo as I've told you. The last couple of years when we were on vacation in Italy we stayed in agriturismo's. Much better than a camping or a hotel.

Hope your race went well.