Sunday, October 30, 2011


Since October, 10th, I have been working in Ostia, 80 km South from my town. That's a small town, situated next to Rome, where I ran a 30 km race four weeks ago. I enjoyed that long run race around Ostia  because the running track was really beautiful and the weather was sunny.  But visiting the same place for job is very different: in Autumn the town is humid and every morning the smell of the thyrrenian Sea is swallowed by a thick fog (as you can see in the first two photos).  

The 3rd photo below shows the tired faces of the two black knights while they were crossing the finish line of the Ostia' 30 km race, on October, 9th.
On November, Sunday, 13rd, the Fiumicino's half marathon starts and I haven't sent the registration yet. I'll decide next week!
Nice running!


Char said...

Are you planning on the half marathon as part of your marathon training? The timing is pretty good.

The fog in Ostia is really impressive. It must make for some interesting driving conditions.

Giorgio said...

Unfortunately I'm not running the Florence Marathon. I'm planning to run the Fiumicino half marathon to maintain my training.

Amy said...

It looks like you are having Belgian weather down there in Ostia!
Good luck with deciding about the half marathon...

Fran said...

Do you have to drive 80 km to and 80 km from your work every day? That would drive me nuts (plus not good for the environment :) )

Black Knight said...

Fiumicino is a good half, fast and flat. You could go to get a better corral for the Roma-Ostia.
Great photo of the 2 invincible and proud knights!
Passa te, no vai tu, arriviamo insieme, non fa niente .....e quella ci ha fregati!

Ewa said...

I don't think those faces look tired. They look focused.
Ostia looks nice, even in the fog.