Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ravioli chicory and cheese

It's great to run for no reason and just because you love it. Tomorrow I'm running a 10 km race and I'm wearing a shirt with the number 892. I had a pasta dish at dinner, considering that runners needs carbs to restock energy :) The name of that pasta dish, which you can see in the photo, is "ravioli chicory and cheese" (in Italian "ravioli radicchio e gorgonzola").
This afternoon the weather was cloudy, so I and Black Knight will probably run the race through the rain tomorrow.

In the meanwhile I'm afraid Japan can't avoid a nuclear disaster after an explosion at a power plant during the country’s biggest earthquake and devastating tsunami.

Have a nice weekend!


ajh said...

Good luck at your race. I'm racing tomorrow too.

Char said...

There's probably good reason not to build nuclear powerplants when your country is subject to earthquakes. It's been a terrible time for the Japanese and I heard tonight that it's looking like a Chernobyl-type disaster.

Good luck with your race tomorrow.

Johann said...

I love ravioli! Hope the race went well. Congratulations also to Italy for beating France in the rugby, I loved that! Have a good week Giorgio!

Black Knight said...

I like that dish. I am upset with the organization of Ladispoli, the italianblogtrotters knew about the problem with the chip time.

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

I hope you enjoyed the race. It was strange to have such a happy sentence about the weekend after such a sorrowful one about Japan but it did demonstrate how other people's tragedy's affect us. We are sad for a second and then move on to happier thoughts because who wants to live under a cloud of sadness.

Ewa said...

Any of that ravioli left to share? :) Looks yummy.
OK, now I am heading off to the post about the race.