Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gaeta and the island of Ventotene

After the summer time I will likely begin to follow a running programme. The goal is the next Civitavecchia's half marathon. Now I'm on Holiday and I'm mainly swimming.
Here the world economic crisis caused a decrease of the tourist traffic flow. As consequence the prices of hotels fell by 8,3 per cent during this summer. The tourist traffic flow decreased in Greece and Spain too.


strewth said...

Stunning photos - reminds me why I love Italy!

Black Knight said...

Very nice pics and good luck for the next half. However I had a talk with some "swimming" friends and they told me that there are many interesting events around here. The distance is always between km. 1,4 and 3. What about?

Alexandra said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

Like you, I need to find a running program once summer is over! I have not been motivated to run since running a marathon the end of May! I need to find my MoJo!