Sunday, June 14, 2009

The situation remains uncertain

As matter stand, most investors want to see signs of recovery. Althought there is more money going in to the market than coming out, there aren't signs of stabilization and unemployment would may rose again. While some companies last week were forecasting a earning decrease in 2009, the German group Arcador, where there are 43,000 employees, decided to go bankrupt. G-8 finance ministers said yesterday after a meeting in Lecce, Italy, there are “signs of stabilization,” though “the situation remains uncertain.”
Meanwhile North Korea said any U.S. effort to enforce international sanctions over the communist nation’s nuclear program would be considered an act of war and be met with military force. The sanctions also call for new restrictions on loans and money transfers to North Korea. We have to think what theese global news mean for the market.
This morning while I was running I saw an old Italian war ship and I took a photo. You can see the old ship in the picture above posted. On the other side of the sea harbour there was an Italian aircraft carrier. Its photo is down here.

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Black Knight said...

Is that the Black Knight Navy?