Thursday, August 17, 2006

the first black knight army anniversary

Civitavecchia (seventy kilometres North of Rome), the 16th of August 2006: the anniversary of the black knight army. We celebrated it yesterday at eight o'clock. Do you see the image of the italian members with their wives at samarcanda restaurant? Well, in the middle of the table you can see the black knight flag.


R2B said...

Il Bandierra Della Carvallo Neri?
Hows my Italian??

Enjoy your running Georgio!

IHateToast said...

i believe the black knights owe their patient wives a lot. they put up with the bloody foot prints on the castle floors. tolerate so much. i'm glad you celebrated wtih them. i hope they were duly honored.

Black Knight said...

Il nemico trema quando vede il glorioso ed invitto Black Knight Army marciare impavido per le strade ormai pacificate. L'ordine regna sovrano in quel di Civitavecchia una volta regno del disordine e dell'anarchia!

iliketoast said...

I send my apologies as my armor was in the wash and it was not polished preventing me from attending. Maybe next year.